Monday, 2 June 2008

Singing With Kids

As most of you know, I sing pretty much all the time. And as I'm around kids pretty much all the time, they get an awful lot of my songs. Some are kids songs, some are folk songs (mainly Scottish, with a few Irish and Aussie ones mixed in) and some are musical songs.

And the kids really like adapted songs. Songs that they know with different (usually funny) words, or with the names changed to their own name.

But I wasn't expecting church people to find the same songs quite as funny. Turns out you do.

Pity I didn't sing "Kookaburra Ouch!" as my kinders call it (aka kookaburra sits on an electric wire).

And we are very lucky that I don't in fact know a Donald. Because I know a song called Donald Where's Your Troosers, though I often substitute names there, whenever I see a kid without their troosers. And Shaun, I think that I know who our new KFC helper will be. I think it's going to be Charles, because I'm fairly certain he's in year 7, and he's new, which was what Auntie Violet said our new helper would be. So Shaun, be prepared to listen to regular renditions of Charlie is Me Darlin'.

Does anyone else have any good ones? I'm on the hunt for my kinders.


Watzisnem said...

Charlie is Me Darlin'
That's who I am Darlin'
Charlie is Me, Me is Charlie,
At least I remember your name Darlin'

The anonymous poet strikes again!!

Bua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....HA!

(skips into the sunset)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

That aint the version I know. And be careful Watzisnem... I substitute names in, and there are a few that fit quite nicely in place of Charlie...