Monday, 23 June 2008


Today is about the best day ever.

On Saturday my house was being sold at auction. I had heard that it was sold, but not how much it sold for. I learnt this morning. It went for $45000 more than the reserve price. I am very happy. God very much took care of this, we'd tried to sell it privately before and couldn't sell it at a price that would ensure we would make a profit. The price at auction was $75000 MORE than the highest price we had received privately.

Secondly, today is Monday. I love Mondays, they are the easiest day on my job. And at the moment there are 3 Monday kids overseas. And there are four kids sick. And out of those kids, several of them are the more difficult ones to work with. And we have a work experience girl in. This is the greatest day ever!

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