Sunday, 1 June 2008

I Forgot the Best One

At the prop making for BTF, Alica said, "Do we have a sickle?"
I said, "I have a sickle. Well, my Mum does." I texted her, asking if we could borrow it. She said we could.
"We have a sickle!" I said.
"Cool, bring it over," said Alicia.
"I can't. I'd look a bit funny carrying a sickle on public transport."
Ian (not Ian Song, other Ian) laughed and commented that I should wear a black hood. Incidentally, Rebecca has a black cloak. But it's not all that Grim Reaper-ish.
"Wait," said Joab. "You have a SICKLE?"
"Yes," I said, thinking we'd already been through this.
"A REAL sickle?"
"Yes. You can use it to cut the lawn."
"We can't have a REAL sickle. Someone will get hurt."
"Always people going on about the safety issues. The kids will be fine."
Joab replied, "It's not the kids I'm worried about. It's the adults."
The sickle was vetoed. They are making one, a prop on. Why you would want to make a sickle out of tin foil when you can have a REAL one I don't know. But there you go.

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