Sunday, 1 June 2008

Presents So Far

From Care Group: The Treasury of David (3 books)
From Sean Rimos: A ice-cream tub filled with brownies, and 500g of chocolate.
From Alicia: Roses chocolates and an assortment of tea
From Rebecca: 4 chocolate mudcake cupcakes, 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and 6 Elsie books.
From Kallie: $30 to buy Millie books
From But I think I will have about all of the Millie books. I will just have to get the rest of the Elsie books and all the other ones too.
From Jocelyn: Millie Book number 5.
From Perry: Cupcakes and a chocolate.

And Joab bought me a fundraising chocolate. It was three weeks after my birthday, but hey.

I haven't seen my school friends or my family yet, so I haven't got anything from them. I'm expecting that my school friends will give me some very nice presents, and that my family will have gotten me things that they want to get rid of. It's a family tradition.

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