Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What I Got Done

- Bible Study
- Wash hair (no longer an arduous task since it's short)
- Listen to 2 audio sermons
- Over to Rebecca's to watch a DVD + knit (in fact, I watched 3 DVDs)
- Shepherding with Amy and Rebecca
- Scrapbooking (birthday cards, kid's artwork)

Partially Done:
- Read play scripts + write MC questions (did one script out of four)
- Paint more pick-up sticks (I need 6000 - Kal did most of the ones that we did. I have no idea how many more we need)
- Listen to 3 CDs (I listened to one)
- 4 different learning stories (I did one - but now I have another one to do, bringing my total back to 4)
- Pray for BTF (not as much as I was planning to)

Not Done:
- Memorise puppetry script
- Plan science activities for kinder
- Accent Planning (only 2 weeks left)
- Cut out penguin rocks
- Shopping to buy plastic boxes, scrapbooking sleeves, and rocks to glue penguins on
- Turn a learning story into a PSB (this wasn't the learning story I did)

Well, I got a bit more than the three things I was predicting done. And I even tidied up my room. If only I had another week or so off, I might actually feel like I have things under control...



- k o R i - said...

why do you need to decorate pick up sticks?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Born To Fly.

We have 300 kids. Each kid gets 20 pre-decorated sticks, and 20 ones to decorate.

I wanted to give them just 40 undecorated ones, but it was vetoed by people who aren't going to have to decorate them.