Saturday, 21 June 2008


So, it was another pick-up stick session. Except that Kal, Amy, Chiann and I were gluing penguins. But still.

And of course we were talking about my DVDs of doom. Also known as Sam's Lovely DVDs that make everyone want to get married and have babies. Because let's face it, I'm obsessive. So we were talking about the other stuff at Vision Forum. I pointed out that they do have a few things that aren't entirely focused on babies. I just haven't bought any.

"Like what?" asked Amy.

I pointed out the lovely song CDs and books. Kallie said, "Yeah, but they are designed to teach your FAMILY to sing in harmony!" (In four parts! Fun!)

"It's like the Von Trapp family," Amy said, joking.

And then I pointed out that the Von Trapp family are alive and well, and producing CDs for Vision Forum.

As if that isn't hilarious!

Kal says she feels sick just looking at it.

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