Sunday, 8 June 2008


Adrian wants to make off-set triple-decker bunk-beds. Ones you can roll off of each level onto. I sugested that there be a trundle on the bottom, a trundle with a trampoline. He liked my suggestion.

I saw my dream car. It's a hippie van times 2 1/2. It's so big. You can fit LOTS of kids in there. I want a white one that the kids can paint with water soluable paints, so that when it rains the paint all wears off, and then they get to paint it again.

Rebecca does way too much marking.

I have way too many pick-up sticks to decorate.

Kallie dislikes my new DVDs. They make her want to get married. Mwah-ha-ha. My evil plan is working. Now to show them to the entire church. Come on, if I'm not having babies I at least want lots of other people to be.

Kallie and I figured out why we are single. In a nutshell, it is because we are retarded. She is only 2/3 retarded, I am 100% retarded. She has quiet down. I suck. However, as I told her, we're just doing our bit to ensure that our husbands have to spend LOTS and LOTS of time in prayer. Cause we're that nice.

I have had many conversations with people about the mint chocolates that we are selling. The other chocs have pretty much all gone, and I had 3 boxes. But i HAVE 10+ mint ones left. I keep asking people if they like them. They don't. This is a perfectly understandable reaction, yet at the same time it annoys me. Because I think that the mint is disgusting.

I have a list nearly as long as my arm of stuff to do tomorrow. I expect I shall do NONE of it.

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