Thursday, 5 June 2008

Guest Post: Kallie

What to write? Hmm... Happy belated birthday, Sam! This post will be a reflection of your life from the perspective of someone with distorted views.

When I first saw you, Sam, I thought to myself, "Competition!" Well, not really, but it was strange to see another fair-haired person in church. And it took me a while to befriend you, mostly because I'm shy. I was going to blame it on the fact that you're strange, but honestly strangeness doesn't bother me. It was shyness. Stupid shyness... grr.

And it's funny. For some reason I can talk absolute rubbish with you for hours. There are not many people I know that I can talk about rubbish with, and there is absolutely no one else I feel comfortable talking about girly stuff with(which is even worse than rubbish). You make me boldly profess things that I would normally keep to myself. And now that I think about it... why? Why am I such good friends with you?

We have hardly anything in common. We're almost polar opposites. You're extroverted, I'm introverted. You like children, I like puppies. You let everyone know exactly what your feelings and thoughts are, while I hope that no one notices me. You like Horatio, I like Archie... We don't like the same music, we don't enjoy the same things, we don't even like the same qualities in boys. In fact, the only thing we really share in common is a perverse sense of humour.

You're loud, opinionated, wildly erratic and sometimes outrageous. And your preoccupation with marriage/children freaks me out. But for some reason I admire these traits in you, and I enjoy talking to you very much. You are helping me realise that it's not a crime to like yourself, and I think you've helped me grow in confidence (yeah, there's still a long way to go). Thanks for being such a blessing as a friend!

Anyway I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sam. I also hope that every day God will reveal something new and special to you (and that He provides you with a lovely husband who is 6'4 and wants heaps of kids).

Lots of love, Kallie

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Sam-Is-Mad said...

I wonder if Horatio is that tall? He is taller than Archie.

And 6'4 is TALL. Even for me. But tall is nice.