Saturday, 31 May 2008

At BTF Stuff Today

Alicia and I were singing "There's a hole in the bucket", with me being Henry and Alicia being Liza, and we had only got up to the straw. When Joab started saying very loudly, "God, WHY? Please God, make them stop!"
It only made the song funnier.

Alicia wanted to put the props in the boys' storeroom. According to Joab there was no space. Sean said that they would just Harry Potter it in. At which Joab said, "Who?" And Alicia said, "Have you being living under a rock?" And then he realised just what he said.

Kallie has gone to visit her family. I am desolate without her. I was at the prop meeting and I told everyone. And then I started singing "She's gone and left me, she's gone and left me, she's gone and left me in sorrow to mourn." Which is from once I had a sweetheart, for those of you who don't listen to good music. (That would be Celtic/folk music.)

"Look there's a Humozine (car may not be what they actually said)!" said Sean.
"Cool!" said Lionel.
"You're regreting sitting in front seat now," said Joab. (I sit in the front seat most of the time so I can hear people).
"What's a Humozine?" I said.
The boys explained it to me. I nodded wisely, and then repeated my question, "What's a Humozine."

I was sitting at the prayer meeting, and looked at Chiann, and said, "It's my birthday tomorrow."
"I know. What do you want?"
I told her, then turned to Amy and said, "It's my birthday tomorrow."
I told everyone.

"I'm getting old." I said.
"How old are you?"
"So you don't want to be reminded of it, if you're getting old," said Robbie (Aussie church Robbie). "Or to be given any presents. Because it'll only remind you of how old you are getting."
"Oh no," I said. "Presents are very consoling. So is chocolate."

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