Monday, 26 May 2008

Anyone Else?

So far only Kal is going to do a guest post for my birthday. Does anyone else want to do one? Hello? Is anybody there?

Pretty please? I want to know that you all think I'm pyschotic. Really I do! And I want you all to SHARE.

PS - I still like presents. :P


Alicia said...

So it'a about time I left a comment...this blog has certainly captured some interesting and funny moments, a decent amount of cheek, scandal and schemes...thanks for the entertainment your blog has generated Sam and I hope you have a really happy bday...should I try to be mean to make you smile? hmmm, don't want to be nice and make you cry. love you heaps

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I have not caused / captured any real scandals. But I could start one... did you know that...

(Now who should I pick on?)