Sunday, 4 May 2008

I am Disturbed

We had care group on Thursday, as we normally do. For a change, I was awake not only all through CG but even afterwards. So I stayed up and talked.

Jonathan has been coming to our CG, as he is a pre-working guy, with just a little bit of time left on his thesis. So he was over there, and he also stayed and talked, for reasons that Kal and I are suspicious of.

Well, in the conversation, he said to me, "Hey sexy, feed me some grapes."

I was disturbed. I also didn't feed him any grapes.

He also tried to convince me that the chicken nugget was really a prince in disguise, and that if only I'd kiss him (the chicken nugget! Not Jonathan!) he'd turn back into a prince. For some reason I didn't believe him.

On the bright side, I know that Jonathan in NO WAY LIKES ME. That's because, as I said, Kal and I have suspicions. And those suspicions in no way involve me.

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