Wednesday, 7 May 2008

My Birthday

As I'm sure you all know (and will definitely know by the time the date occurs) the 1st of June is my birthday. I will be 24. I don't think I am having a party, but I could change my mind. But I have two things to say concerning this:

1. I would like a few people to do guest posts about me. They do a blog post which gets published here. You can say pretty much anything. Kal has already volunteered to do one, but I'm happy to have lots. Indeed, if everyone wants to do one that would be great! So leave a comment.

2. I like presents. I do. I like books especially. You can ask me for titles that I want (because I have an awful lot of books) or get me a gift voucher. I also like chocolate, and if you are poor at the moment you can get me a card. Heck, you can even MAKE me a card! I just like presents.

That's about it!


beauwt said...

Happy birthday for the 1st of June:

Chocolate facts:
1. The first chocolate used chile powder instead of suger
2. In 17th Century France, choclate was initially met with scepticism and was considerd a barbarous, noxious drug. The French court accepted chocolate after the Paris faculty of medicine gave its approval.

By the whats your fav chocolate?


Sam-Is-Mad said...

I like all chocolates, but I am particularly partial to dark chocolate with chili. I even put it in my hot chocolates!