Wednesday, 21 May 2008

WFMW - Crocodile Grip

So, I know that my regular readers are all like, "How do I get my children to write and draw beautifully with the proper pencil grip?"

Okay, not a single one of you has ever thought that. Except maybe Rebecca, and only because she teaches. But one day you will have children (if only because I will nag you all until you do) and when that day comes, you will be so eager to see them write with a beautiful pencil grip.

So, how do you achieve this elusive thing of beauty?

Crocodile grip!

One of my mums taught me this. Her kid is autistic, and they use it at his school. You make your hand into a crocodile. Snap snap snap! Kids love this. Let the crocodile 'eat' the pencil. Help them wrap their fourth and pinky fingers to the side, so that the 'crocodile' is just the first two fingers and the thumb. Then let them write.

Whenever they forget (because they will) just remind them to use teh crocodile grip. And they will.

I even used it on Samuel. And for those of you who don't know Samuel, he's 2. And he can do it. He doesn't do it unless he's reminded, but as soon as he is, he does it. It works wonderfully for all my kinder darlings as well.

The crocodile grip. It Works For Me.

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