Wednesday, 28 May 2008

WFMW - Music for the day

Most people want their kids to be musical, or at least to appreciate music. The thing is most people aren't musical.

Me, I'm not actually musical, though everyone assumes I am. That's because I sing well, and am not shy about it. But I can't read music, or play any instruments, and my musical knowledge is rather less than I would like.

So how can we get music into our kids?

At kinder I put on a CD every day. I'm the first teacher in my room, I choose the CD. It's usually classical, but occasionally a Celtic or kids CD. And I press play. And then I press the repeat button, and the music plays, mostly in the background, all day.

It really helps the kids 'tune in' and keep calm, and it means that the kids (and me) begin to recognise pieces. One of the kids always chooses the same Mozart CD whenever he is given the choice.

So that's it. I press repeat. It's easy as anything and it Works For Me!

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