Friday, 9 May 2008

I Am A Show Off

I am a show off, and last night I got to show off. Jodie hasn't heard me sing before, she's always missed it. Well, she was home when I had CG, and she heard me sing. (Either that, or she had heard I sing, or something. Not the point.) So she asked me to sing. She requested Phantom, so I sang Think of Me.

I sing good.

Then I sang some more, some more from Phantom, then I DOn't Know how to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar. I mentioned that I had been singing this a bit recently. Unfortunately at the bus stop. At full pitch. And my full pitch is LOUD. There was a guy who used to catch the bus opposite mine. He doesn't any more.

Afterwards Rebecca was like, "I think your voice is getting even better." She is right, my voice is maturing. Hopefully I'll actually develop a middle range. That would be nice. But in the mean time, I get to sing way too loud when people are trying to sleep (or catch buses) all with the admiring expressions of various people.

I love being a show off!

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