Sunday, 18 May 2008

Update on my hand

You know how I blogged about my hand. Well, I first knocked it on Sunday. That would be Sunday the 4th. It was slowly getting better. Then, over a week later, I went to work, and Alana fell off her chair. Onto me. Onto my HAND.

The bone is apparently bruised, but not broken.

I have had over half of this week off since Monday.

That has been nice.

It is very hurting. And it is making me tired, because I keep waking up with it hurting. And that is making me a grump. Even more than usual, which is saing something.

On me being a grump, I shall have to share about the scones.

Jonathon made scones and left strict instructions on how to cook them for our CG. They didn't follow them. The scones were overcooked. I cried. Lots and lots. I was devestated. I sobbed and sobbed because the scones were burnt. It was about the most upsetting thing ever. It took Dhanny and Cass both about 15mins to calm me done.

Of course, it would have gone quicker if they had told me I was being silly and to stop crying. But they were too nice to do that.

I've blogged about being nice before. Don't do it.


joab said...

wasn't rebecca there to smack you?

Rebecca said...

I would not have smacked her. I would have just told her to stop crying and be sensible. Or else...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

And no, she wasn't. The horror had a meeting.

And Rebecca doesn't smack people. She is too nice. I however, smack. (Which you may have noticed :) )

Which is just one of the many reasons I REFUSE TO HAVE ANY FOLLOW UPS SHEEP OR ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 8 for me to be spiritually responsible for.

Cause I WILL smack them.