Sunday, 4 May 2008


Best Typo Ever:
This goes in the list along with me calling Joab Joan. "You may use preciously gathered sticks to pick up new sticks." For the rules of pick-up sticks for BTF.

Kallie and I:
Aidan was being carried about, and I was going "Aww, look at him, he's so chubby and cute!"
"Yeah, puppies are like that."
"But puppies have more fur."
"That makes them cuter."

Ian Song on make-up:
Me: "You know that one of your sheep wears make-up"
I: "Which one?"
Me: "There's more than one?!"
I: "I know which one. How much did you influence this?"
Me: "For once, I am relatively innocent."

Joab prove that he needs stronger glasses:
"You don't need foundation, your complexion is beautiful."
Well, he did scratch his car last night.

Kallie and I scheme evil schemes:
When first told about Joab's penchant for eyeliner, we were puzzled as to how it would look. So we spent half and hour googling Asian boys eyeliner, and found nothing. We plan to later set up a wiki-paedia page amending this sad, sad lack on the internet.

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