Thursday, 1 May 2008

Kids on Beauty

So, I'm at work, and Jonty looks at me and declares, "Sam, I'm going to marry you!"

Alana shouts out, "No, because I'm going to marry Sam!"

"But I was going to!" said Millie.

I had to explain to them all that girls usually marry boys, so I couldn't marry either Alana or Millie. And Jonty, being even younger than Mikey (he's three), is out of the question too. Well, at least I'm beautiful to some people.

Speaking of beautiful, the girls like to comb my hair. They'll all wait in turn to have the honour of combing it (they also like to mess it up). Zoe was doing my hair, and Alana wanted to have a turn. So she said, "Why are to TAKING so long!"

Zoe looked at her and said, "I'm making Sam look beautiful."

Hmm... maybe I'm not so beautiful to everyone!

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