Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Everyday Beauty: A Mini Art Gallery

Back years ago, when I was living above the dojo, I had a mini art gallery. There were hundreds of paintings in my gallery - hundreds. Each was perfect dolls size, and was put on my art gallery wall wherever I thought it looked nice, along with the details of the painting.

What I did was: whenever I went past the art gallery I would grab 2 of any of their brochures. They produced at least 2 types a month, so I would have 4 brochures a month. I'd take them home, go through them, and cut out any of the paintings I liked, along with the statement: "Above, John Smith, painting of a field".

You need 2 of each brochure, because sometimes they put paintings back to back, and if you only have one you have to choose.

And then I got tiny little bits of bluetac and stuck them all to my walls.

It looked really cool! Everyone who ever went into my room would always comment on it.

This is great for a small room, or you can adapt it for kids and make a dolls art gallery.

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