Sunday, 2 November 2008

It's Official

There are now only two desperate girls in our house. Okay, only me and Kal were desperate to begin with. And I have enough desperate for several households.

Well, if Reb was desperate, she is so no longer.

Welcome to the We Love Rebecca club Haison! You can be president.

They met at PNG, and when they gave testimony they are both like, "It was the best time in my life" and Kal and I, who knew, were like, "how sweet" and then we kept teasing Reb from the other side of the church. Which you probably shouldn't do during sermon. Hmm, Sam not very spiritually mature.

So, on the car ride back from church on the same Sunday, Kal and I are working out how to best tease them. I begin with stating how I think Reb should have 5 children. He said that Reb had already told him about that.

I mentioned that at the OC 2007 Reb had asked me to persecute her so that she would grow faster. I am happy to oblidge. Reb said that it has done so.

So I looked at them and smiled. And then I said, "You know, my Mum reckons that Eurasian babies are the best looking babies in the world."

Reb turned very red. ("I did not!" claims Reb "Hey! Stop writing that!") My work here is done.

Welcome to the blog Haison!

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