Thursday, 13 November 2008

I Blame You Lot For Not Commenting

So, our household gets food delivered 3 times a week from Aussie Farmers. Including on Wed a big box of fruit and veg (yum!).

Yesterday we got lots of yummy veg. No spinach, which is sad, but (nearly as good) we got a tub of salad mix. I saw it, grabbed it, and cradled it to me.


"That's right," Kal said, "That's your baby. Although, then you are going to eat your baby."

"I'm turning into Joab," I said.

"Argh!" said Kal.

"Hey, now that the babies have grown up, and are all dying, we can give them to him to eat now."

"I wonder how moths would taste? Flaky I expect."

"I think floury. Should we find out?"

Joab, I would be very, very careful about your food in the future ;p


joab said...

I actually think some cultures eat moths too...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Hey Joab, I told all the kids that you want to eat the silkworms. They want you to come in and demonstrate.


My kids are WEIRD!

shaun said...

I reckon the kids think Joab is some kind of monster now.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Some of them do. Some of them think he is the coolest person ever. Darcy really, REALLY wants Joab to come over and eat silkworms.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I even showed them photos (of Joab from my blog). The wonders of the internet.

So Joab, if some kids run after you on the street screaming to eat / not eat the silkworms, then they are my kids.

I could let you know my secret tips for taming them, but that would be less fun (for me).