Saturday, 1 November 2008

Who's For Dinner?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

The question is, who would I eat first?

(My family actually discussed this when the SARS was an issue. We decided that Dad would be the first to be eaten - he was the oldest, the fatest, and the one least useful for the general survival of the group. We decided that Mum was next... because she's too bossy, and being stuck with her 24/7 would suck big time.)

(I was not a Christian at the time of this conversation.)

(The order still stands.)


joce said...

I got 57%. I guess its because I don't find blood and gore disturbing at all. Also know where to strike to kill the fastest. *innocent smile*

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I lost out because I'm not the strongest of my friends. I mean, if it came to a battle to the death between me and other people, they are bigger, stronger, and heavier than me.

Although I'd fight dirty.

Anonymous said...

I only got 31% because, having a guilty conscience, I'd offer to put myself on the menu over eating someone else.


Anonymous said...

I achieved 75% heehee ^_^
I'm strictly non-vegetarian. I had a bad experience with a piece of fruit once.

<3 Snow White

Anonymous said...

I only got 0%. I already ate all my friends.

-Shere Khan

Anonymous said...

I cannot condone this sort of quiz, mates >:(

Repeat after me:

Love Bruce