Monday, 10 November 2008

I am a Bad Mum, and I Don't Even Have Kids Yet

I went to ballet tonight. Which was kind of silly of me. I mean, who in their right mind walks half an hour to do an hour and a bit ballet class, then walks half an hour home, when they didn't get much sleep, and haven't had as much sugar as they normally should be eating, due to ridiculous desires to eat food like fruit and vegetables.

So I get to ballet, and I know that I've not had enoguh sugar. So I buy a chupa-chump. And then another. (I chomp them.) Then I do my class.

Then I begin the walk home. And decide to stop in at the milk bar on the way. And buy a mars bar, and some other lollies.

Why, you ask, does this make me a bad mother?

I'm planning to buy a child. (In legal terms, this is called adoption. It happens to cost about $15000 per kid. I think it's worth it.) I am SUPPOSED to be saving. Instead, I am spending my money on junk food.

Bad mother.

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