Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Zombie Scones

Well, I got to most of my to-do list. Didn't finish my book, or do all of Reb's marking, or listen to all of my audio sermons (I did listen to three though) which is quite enough for a day off.

I could have done more, but I decided that some things are more important. Like making Zombie Scones.

What can I say? Kal and I are doing our bit to ensure we survive the Zombie Apocolypse. We practiced carving up Zombies. Here is our method:

1. Get out a recipe book. Read the recipe, note that it doesn't call for cheese, and so decide to ignore it.
2. Kal starts to carve the zombie skull.
3. Kal gives up the carving. Sam takes over.
4. Sam is far better at chopping up zombie skulls than Kal.
5. Scoop out the zombie brains, wash them, then leave them to dry.
6. Boil the head pieces, so that you can easily cut off the skull.
7. Cut off the skull pieces. Boil the fleshy zombie goodness.
8. Put 2 cups of self raising flour in the bowl, realise that that is not enough, add another cup of self raising and one cup of corn flour (ironically made from wheat).
9. Mix in butter. A whole lot.
10. Put in three eggs.
11. Add milk.
12. Add all the ricotta cheese in the fridge.
13. Add all the parmeson cheese in the cupboard.
14. Add about 400g of grated cheese.
15. Add milk powder.
16. Add milk until it seems to be doughy.
17. Mush the fleshy zombie.
18. Add the mushed flesh.
19. Add pepper.
20. Add canene pepper
21. Add chives
22. Add more cheese

Bake for 15 minutes, at 220 degrees.

Eat yummy zombie scones.

Who said we were never going to survive the zombie apocolypse?


shaun said...

Hmm...good idea. Eat the zombies first before they eat you.

You know, when I think of zombie scones, I think of the ads for Dying Breed the movie. Hmm...Eye in the Pie.

So you don't need zombies to make zombie scones? (a tad disappointed)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Just their skulls.

We used some of their brains to decorate.