Friday, 14 November 2008

Sam Sick

Yesterday I got vomitted on by little Ella. She had been whiny and came up to me to ask for a cuddle. "A pick up cuddle". So I've got her on my hip when "BLECH!"

This morning, I narrowly avoided being hit with Gleda's own vomit.

Then the phone calls. Liam is vomiting (I did tell them on Wednesday). Bronx is vomiting. Paul is vomiting. Hannah was away again - on Wed she was away with a "stomach bug." Izak came in at 12, and had been vomiting yesterday.

By 9 I was feeling yucky. I chalked it up to the fact that I was vomited on. Probably not my favourite thing about children. By 10 I'm fairly certain I'm not imagining it, but that I should be able to stick out the day. By 11 (lunch time) I tell Helen I'll see how I feel. By 11:30 I know I'm going home.

I make it home without vomiting on public transport, which is a blessing. Then Sam was very sick. Lots and lots.

On the bright side, Reb is home (can't speak, but other than that she is fine) and she was watching the DVD of awesomeness. She then wanted to get a few other DVDs from Vision Forum, so we decided we'd place an order between us. Sam is going to be getting free stuff! Yay! A free sermon, a free book, a free DVD set, a free communicator watch set, AND a free doll.

Don't ask how much we spent to receive these free gifts. Just know that it almost makes being sick worthwhile.

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