Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm Going to Start Having To Be Mean To Joab Again

If you lot don't comment. Come on, there is lots to comment on here! Say something!


joce said...

Being mean to Joab does get you the comments. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

I have never commented on your blog before because I never got around to registering. Turns out you don't actually have to register (or I didn't). So clearly I have to make up for lack of comments since I started reading your blog.

The Zombie scones sound good.

However, you have to stop using and/or eating things that you are allergic to though. (Yes, I know you predicted my reaction - I am such a Mum in the waiting). Then again, so are you. Can't you see the two of us if we have children: 'make sure you eat properly', 'don't do that, it is dangerous' etc etc. Won't our kids be pleased.

Okay, will sign off now,

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I don't do the lecturing. I say it once, then I discipline. Smacking for mine, time out for other people's kids.

And food - they'll eat when they're hungry.

Although, I'm not going to give my kids foods tehy are allergic to. That is a priviledge reserved for me.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I am a meanie too.

Whenever the kids ask, why, that is my answer.

They say, "You're not a meanie Sam. You're nice!"

I reply, "then I have a reason, and I expect you to obey."

They nearly always do.

joab said...

*GASP* Sam! That... that's just... so CLEVER!!!

I KNEW you had it in you!

*with just a wee bit of sarcasm*

In all honesty though, that's good =) now I can use that line :P