Sunday, 16 November 2008

Reb Match-Makes

Reb is one of those people who match makes when they are in lurve. And as the boys at Waverly Centre are not ready to ask out (read - chicken) such lovely (read - desperate) girls as me and Kal (note - Kal is not desperate, but I have enough for both of us) she's keen for us to go and meet all the boys at the City centre.

I am sceptical.

I notice that there are few boys willing to stand up to me at all. Few Aussie boys, fewer Waverley church boys, and my general impressions of City Centre is that I could make those boys cry as easily as I could Christian. Which is to say, far too easily.

I'm going to be single FOREVER.

Amy assures me that mission trips are good ways of meeting / going out with someone. Apparently a significant proportion met / became interested in each other on mission trips.

I'm going to be single FOREVER. Sam is not a mission trip girl. And unless there is an orphanage involved, don't even ask.


Anonymous said...

Sam.... I do hope you meet someone soon, but give things a chance :-).

I hope you are feeling better now after reacting to the Demestos. (You really should stop using/eating things you are allergic to).

Anyway, that is enough lecturing for one comment.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

With City Centre boys?

Sam thinks not.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

They are very quiet very nice Asian boys. I mean, look at Haison! (You're lovely Haison. Reb thinks you're great!) I'd kill the lot of them. I'd make them cry beforehand too, which would be entertaining for everyone.

Think of all the things you miss when you don't go to my church Steph!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Sam. Hope that you are better today - sorry didn't know you were not feeling well yesterday when I was in your place.

Actually I do know of someone in the city centre he is interested in an orphanage and kids..


Sam-Is-Mad said...

1. How MANY children. Less than 10 is not enough.
2. Can he stand up to me? Because I know about... 2 boys from Waverley centre who can. I'm pretty demanding, have been known to cry and throw temper tantrums (sometimes at the same time!)
3. Is he tall?

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Haison, you haven't experienced me actually being difficult. I can be extraordinarily so. Ask Reb for details.

Actually don't.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I am scary.

I have thrown knives. (seriously).

How many people can stand up to THAT?

Anonymous said...

You may be "scary" (not that I have ever been scared by you), but I have also seen you in love. You can get pretty mushy :-).

Am I allowed to publicly reveal such information on your blog?

Anyway, I do hope you meet someone nice, who wants lots of kids, who can stand up to you, etc.


Anonymous said...

You may regret repeatedly asking me to comment on your blog....

joab said...

only 2? Really? Who? The knives are a new one on me...

Anonymous said...

mm.. I don't know whether he can manage up to 20 kids, or whether he is good at handling flying daggers/knives. Maybe he can be put to the test?!..


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Don't worry, I am a bad shot (with knives, anyways)

And incidentally, the strawberry incident proves you to be one of the two. Pity we don't like each other.

Sorry Shaun, but you'd turn into a version of my dad. Which would be all right, but then I'd have turned into my mum, and then I'd have to kill myself.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Comment all you like Steph. I have very little humiliation factor.

And you're right. I am mushy. I am just also prone to temper tantrums and crying fits. Which scare people. Especially boys.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Although, if you want 20 kids you kind of need to get used to temper tantrums and crying fits.

shaun said...

It's sad if we put a lot of conditions on our future spouse before we will like him/her. Imagine the poor soul if he/she doesn't live up to his/her spouse's expectations.

That isn't to say you can't find anyone who wants 20 kids, is able to catch flying knives with his eyes closed and his hands tied at his back, or will gladly ignore your tantrums and fits until you realise you're no closer to achieving whatever it is you hoped to achieve by acting childish. But, we are people, not books that stay the same forever. People whose preferences and expectations change. Who knows, maybe he'll change his mind and settle for 19, and if you pester him, he'll shoo you out of the house.

You can find the man who meets your criteria (hard enough as it is), but you can't expect him to live the way you want all the time.

Me? Well, I also have criteria unfortunately, so I'm equally guilty.

I just want a girl with long tresses.


that's all.

She must never cut her hair.


I have other criteria but this one tops the chart.

And everyone says you're demanding.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Guess that cuts (haha) me out! 14 years of no cutting, but now...

shaun said...

Hair should bleed, then no one would ever cut them.

Hm...that sounded a little sadistic.

Oh, yes, at first I liked golden tresses, but after seeing the girls here (cough cough)...I figured I shouldn't be too picky.