Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Reb is bad at shopping

So, I'm cleaning. Or rather I was. I cleaned the kitchen, then moved onto the bathroom. Only to find that when I had sent Reb out for cleaning products a while back, she had NOT BOUGHT THE RIGHT ONES.

I wanted ajax powder. She bought Domestos.

I hear everyone saying, "So?" Everyone except Steph, who is going, "Oh no. Tell me you didn't clean with Domestos. Sam! Sam!"

Sorry Steph.

You see, I am ALERGIC to Domestos. Same reaction as what I have to strawberries. Only quicker, and lasts longer, and getting a dose of it is far less pleasant than eating strawberries.

So the bathroom is half cleaned, I've got a headache, and am itchy all over. I can't shower for at least 24 hours (sorry everyone, but no one will notice) and am very, VERY cross.

Reb, you are finishing cleaning the bathroom.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Joab, you stopped me eating the strawberries at church again for nothing. NOTHING I say!

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Meanie Reb.
Meanie Joab.

Stupid Sam.